Fasting for the first time? Tips to sail through the day

Karva Chauth is one of the most important festivals for all married women as they keep a fast for their partner’s

Signs That Show You Are Suffering from OCD

What is it?An obsession is an uncontrollable thought or fear that causes stress . A compulsion is a ritual or action

Health Benefits of Dates

Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are used in small and large quantities in cuisines across the world and are one of the best sweet and versatile foods known

Olive Oil

Different Types Of Cooking Oils And Their Benefits

Oil is a vital  ingredient used for cooking and to add flavor to your food, But, it is very important to pick a

Food for healthy bones/pixabay

Top Foods For Healthy Bones

Bones are the support system of the body, they provide structural support and also protect the important organs of the human

Things We Should Not do After Workout

It feels great after completing an intense workout session but along with that, it is also important to be careful after

Research proves: Alteration in meal time results in weight loss

Alteration in Meal Time Results in Weight Loss

 Weight is one of the major issues that most of the people are currently dealing with.  Recently a research

Tips to Fast in a Healthy Way this Navratri

The most auspicious occasion of Hindus, Navratri is almost here. Though it is the time when most of us fast but still gain

Ways Your Car is Affecting Your Health

Everyone needs a conveyance to reach their destination as traveling in your own car is easy and comfortable too. But do

Find Out Why It’s Better to Sleep in the Dark!

We all are quite aware about the fact that how important it is to take proper sleep but do you know that even dim light