Equipment You Need to Make Mini-Gym at Home

We love to see celebrities training in their home gym but we didn’t anticipate that we would need one for ourselves too. Its been around four months since the gyms have been  closed down and people have now adjusted to home workout routines. Although having a gym setup is not necessary and even basic equipment around can help you achieve your goals. 

Keeping gym equipment at home and making a mini gym is suggested if you have space as it is much safer than going out. Even if the gyms reopen, it is not completely safe to share the same space with many people at the same time. 

These equipment are multipurpose and can be used to train various muscle groups and do not require much space. You can also stack them in a corner and take them out as per your need. 

Here is a list of equipment that you can use to set up your mini gym at home. 

Skipping rope

It is easy to find one and a great way to keep up with cardiovascular exercise. Skipping is also a great way to warm up for your workout.

Resistance bands

These bands can help you train your back, legs, arms, and shoulders. Use these bands to improve your strength as well.

Yoga mat

For most bodyweight exercises, you would only need a mat. Invest in a good quality mat and you will be able to do basic exercises even if you just want to stay active.


Practice swings and thrusts for an effective fat-burning workout and kettlebells are a perfect investment for that. You can also use it for squats and overhead presses.

Foam roller

To recover well after your workout, a foam roller is a great equipment to relax your sore muscles and to improve mobility.

Light dumbells

Lightweight dumbells can help you retain your muscles and gain some strength.  It can also help you train your biceps and triceps effectively.


According to your workout preference you can choose the dumbells.


A stepper can provide a well-balanced workout and requires only a minimal amount of time each day in order to get the maximum benefit.