Malaika Arora Gives Perfect Gym Wear Goals

No matter whether it’s a party or just a normal day, everyone wants to look their best and fashionable nowadays. Even people who work out follow a particular trend but not everyone are able to figure out the right way to dress up for gym. In such situations, who can be better than our Bollywood actors? Almost every celebrity raises the bars of style in their own unique ways however some manages to stay in the buzz for always slaying in perfect attire for exercising. One such popular Diva who always gives us major gym wear goals is Malaika Arora. She is mostly spotted before and posts her workout session and the surprising part is, every time she looks amazing and just out of the box. Be it shorts, track pants or a simple jogger, Malaika knows the right way to carry them. So, let’s check out some of her best gym wear looks that will surely help you out in selecting fashionable yet comfy outfits for your workout sessions.


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