Must Buy: Technology-Enabled Shoes

Technology-Enabled Shoes

In this 21st century where everything is tech-based, the shoes we wear are also behind. These new age shoes tell you how much you walked, how many calories were burnt and give you directions too! For tech-lovers or serious outdoor activity lovers, these are the best gift ever. A friend of mine brought a great pair and I was so jealous, I made my own list of amazing tech-enabled shoes you can buy! Here are the geekiest shoes ever:


Technology-Enabled Shoes

Source- Youtube

This company’s shoes have a wireless module and can connect the movement of the wearer with preprogrammed light and sound elements. The shoes use 9-axis motion sensors which react to music and movement and can also controls them. Amazing right?

Lundi Smart Boots

Technology-Enabled Shoes

Source- footwear news

These boots help women keep their feet stylish and warm. You can change the temperature of these boots to up to a 100 degrees Fahrenheit and that too with just a touch of your smartphone.

Shift Wear

Technology-Enabled Shoes

Source- Inside Retail Asia

These shoes have curved electronic displays on the sides. It uses the companion mobile app, where the user has the option of lighting up their feet with undulating images and GIFs in full HD color.

Digitsole smartphones

Technology-Enabled Shoes

Source- gadgets and wearables

These shoes have an interactive UI, are heated, shock absorbent and have automatic tightening all controlled via your smartphone!


Technology-Enabled Shoes

Source- Wired

This shoe uses Google Maps to provide directions. It gives vibration in the shoes to tell turns to reach your location as per the maps.

Lechal Haptic Footwear

Technology-Enabled Shoes

Source- Design Milk

This shoe is for the visually impaired people. It tells you directions with sensations in the feet. It also has fitness tracking system like counting steps, calories burned, remembering work out routines etc.

Which shoe are you choosing?