Underwear Rules Every Woman Should Live By

Underwear Rules

Do you know the wrong pair of undies can do a lot of harm to your private area? There are some underwear rules that every woman must swear by as these unspoken rules have a clear effect on your vagina health. So check them out

•    Choose natural fabrics

Every woman likes to wear stylish lingerie, but with all the styles and variety of fabrics, cotton is the best . Synthetic materials like nylon and spandex don’t allow the area to breathe rather it traps heat and moisture, which creates a ground for yeast infections.

•    Change them

Usually, we wear one pair of underwear a day and then wash it. That may not be the case always. You shouldn’t be restricted to just one pair per day if you experience too much discharge or sweat.

•    Go free at night

Those who have a healthy vagina can skip this. But the ones who have regular yeast infections going pantie free to bed can make a lot of difference. Going free allows the area to breathe overnight and keeps moisture from building up.

•    Replace your underwear every year

According to reports, clean underwear can contain up to 10,000 living bacteria so you must replace them every year.

•    The style of underwear can change your mood

Even though it goes unseen, underwear can affect how you feel. It is said that women feel sexier and more confident when wearing a special pair of underwear. Don’t underestimate its power just because you think nobody sees it. If you’re ever feeling a little down, wear the sexiest pair of lingerie.

•    Wash it up

Choose washing powder for your undies carefully ladies as the skin is sensitive down there so go for a soft detergent.

•    Pay attention to fitting

Make sure you wear the right fitted underwear. Tight-fitting underwear can not only be uncomfortable but it also limits the airflow to the vagina.