Best Sportswear Brands for Fitness Freaks

We all desire to have a perfect body but  it requires a lot of hard work including workout. For workout its best to wear comfortable clothes but  there are only a few brands in India that sell good quality sport wear. We list them down below for you

  • Nike


Nike is a hugely popular brand when it comes to comfortable and breathable clothing. With its tagline “Just Do It” this brand offers a range in sports clothing and gear for basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey, ice hockey, tennis, cricket, and baseball. They are also famous for the quality of their sports shoes.

PUMA is the third largest sportswear manufacturer makes products in the fields such as lifestyle, fitness, training, motorsports, running, and football.

With its different style statements, the brand has set its place in the market since 1924 when it was founded. Other than making shoes, gym gear, and clothing for men, women, and kids, Adidas also makes specific clothing for different forms of workouts.

From sleeping bags, tents, and backpacks to clothing like shirts, coats, fleece, shoes it offers everything. Northface has touched the pyramid of success in the sportswear industry.

We all know that the actor is a fitness freak so he used all his passion and created a sports apparel brand for men. HRX is your one-stop shop for anything related to the gym or workout.


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