Post-Workout Hygiene Habits We All Must Follow


If you workout you’re bound to be exposed to sweaty clothes, germ-ridden exercise equipment, or both which can add up to an increased risk of allergies and skin infections. So it is important to follow good post-workout hygiene habits and here are some things you should do without fail:

Hand Wash
Public places, including the gym, are full of harmful bacteria as many people touch the equipment and germs present in their hands get transferred to the equipment. So as soon as you are done with your workout just wash your hands properly.If you don’t have access to soap and water, use a sanitizer.

Wipe the gym Workout
Sweaty gym leads to multiplication of germs so wipe down your equipment before and after using it.

Clean The Yoga Mat
Moisture, darkness, and warmth are bacteria’s three favorite things so clean off your mat after a sweaty yoga session.

Take Bath
Sweat can make your hair greasy and blocks the pores and causes the overgrowth of bacteria so in order to avoid it , take a bath after coming from the gym. Sweat blocks the pores and causes the overgrowth of bacteria.

Change Clothes
No matter how comfy those yoga pants might be but wearing damp clothing for an extended period can cause acne and yeast infections.


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