Foods for Stronger Nails

When it comes to taking care of the body we often tend to forget about nails. To make them look gorgeous and keep them healthy and strong, it is essential to look after them. If you have dry, weak or brittle nails then including a few foods in your daily diet might help you. Here is the list of some foods

• Eggs

One whole egg can be a great dose of Vitamin D. Also it is a source of protein and Vitamin B12, iron and biotin content which is known to increase fingernail thickness. Fresh eggs also contain sulfur that strengthens fingernails and hair.

• Fish


For healthy and stronger nails it is important to eat protein. As we all know fish is a superb source of protein and sulphur, it is great for thing dry and brittle nails. The rich amount of omega-3 fatty acids present in fish helps in moisturizing the nails.

• Leafy green vegetables

We all know the importance of eating green vegetables and here is one more reason to add them to diet: they make your nails stronger and tough. Veggies like spinach, broccoli, kale and other green vegetables give our body enough iron and calcium to keep the nails healthy.

• Oats

Oats are very healthy for maintaining our weight but do you know it is beneficial for our nails as well. It contains micronutrients such as copper and zinc that are important for healthy fingernails and bone maintenance. Oats also have silicon, manganese, and B-complex vitamins and all of these promote healthy fingernails and bones.

• Green peas

Ever thought that these small peas could have benefiting properties? These green peas are super rich in protein, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. They help in increasing the growth rate of nails and strengthening them.

Red meat
A juicy steak is loaded with protein, and it also has another nutrient that’s important for hair and nail health: iron