Funny Things People do to Hide Their Fat

Funny things people do to hide their belly fat

Everyone  wants to look perfect and for the same they put in their efforts but some fail to achieve the kind of body they want. Such people find funny alternatives to hide their belly fat and look slimmer.  In fact nowadays, people get shocked when they see the people in reality after their social media pictures.  So if you also want to the secret behind those slim pictures here we list  some of the most common and the funniest ways

  • Choosing the most expensive tummy tucker that flattens the entire belly through the pressure.

  • Buy high waist jeans and pants to make sure that the belly fat is invisible.

  • Always sit with a pillow on a lap so that nobody’s attention goes on the stomach.

  • Edit the pictures with beauty apps . You can use slim down feature.

  • Wear over sized clothes as most of the people have misconception that wearing bigger sizes make them look slimmer.

  • Try to hold the breath while getting pictures clicked.

  • Keep on pulling t-shirt and tops to make it look loose and less fitted.
  • Whatever is closer to the camera will appear larger so stand at a distance from camera.

  • Click selfies from upper angle to give a slim look.
  • Slightly turn your body sideways (toward the camera) planting one foot in front of the other. Looking at the lens head-on usually makes you appear larger.
  • To keep your face from looking wide without creating a double chin, tilt your head forward just a tad.
  • Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth. It sounds strange, but the action tightens the muscles under your chin, giving you a slimmer look.
  • Big prints and patterns can make you look bigger.