Simple Ways to Get Rid of Foot Odor

Source mymedicalmantra

Stinky feet are a common problem and happen due to buildup of sweat that results in bacteria growth. Smelly feet can be really embarrassing and can happen to anyone. But the good news is that they can be treated quickly and easily with following ways:

•    Keep your feet clean

We often ignore our feet when it comes to the cleanliness of the body, but this part also needs attention. Use a mild soap to wash your feet once a day and the best time is morning or evening bath.

•    Pay attention to your socks

Don’t forget to wear your socks, bare ankles might cause bad odor. Also change your socks every day. Make sure you never skip socks.

•    Remove dead skin

Dry and dead skin causes bacteria when it is wet so make sure you use a foot file once a week to remove dead skin from the feet. Keep them clean and healthy.

•    Choose your shoes wisely

Wear open-toes footwear in summers and avoid wearing tight shoes and stop wearing the same shoes every day.

Some more tips:

•    Choose socks that absorb moisture rather than keep it on your feet.

•    Apply an antifungal foot spray on your feet daily

•    Soak your feet in vinegar once a week

•    You can even use deodorant to your feet

•    You can even use various antifungal and antibacterial soaps too.