Skincare Resolutions That you Must Take for 2020

Source the grit and grace project

2020 has approached and starting of the year is the time to set the goals. We all decide to make resolutions for our body, work or mental health but this year make skincare resolutions as well. The new start of the year is the best time to start a new skincare routine and here is the list of skincare resolutions that you must follow in 2020:

•    Dehydration has a lot of side effects including headaches and poor concentration. It also results in dry lips and loss of elasticity from the skin. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily. Set a reminder, you can also have same for soup and fruits as well.

•    Start masking pretty regularly as a 15-minute break will be very beneficial for your skin.

•    Make it a habit to remove your makeup every day. Take off your makeup and deep cleanse. Apply a face cream after cleaning the makeup

•    Start using sunscreen with SPF 30 or above. Use it whether you are indoor or outdoor.

•    Treat your eyes well, use eye drops or rosewater.

•    Add meditation to your routine

•    Have a goodnight’s sleep, it is very important for a beautiful face

•    Exfoliate weekly and, do not neglect your skin

•    Use products that suit your skin type, it will protect you from side effects too.

•      Use natural ingredients in your face packs. Try a besan mask or cucumber scrub.

•     Switch to organic products.

•    Make a resolution to pamper your feet, go for pedicure and foot massage.

•    Make sure you care for your hand and neck too.

•    Start using face oil. Your skin looks better when you use it as oils are made to be a base layer of hydration to help the rest of your skincare work better on top of it.