Superfoods for Healthy Hair


Everybody wants to have long and strong hair and for that a healthy scalp is very important. Just like skin the quality of hair depends on our diet too so we tell you some foods that you must include in your diet for healthy mane.


Ranked as best for hair for its antioxidant property. It is this property of blueberries that protects hair from premature ageing so add them in your diet everyday.

Citrus fruits

One lime per day is enough for the body’s citrus requirement. Make yourself a glass full of nimbu paani and you are sorted. Oranges are also a good choice as they promote hair growth and maintains its health.



Proteins plays a major role in hair growth and eggs contain good amount of protein so they help you in transforming your damaged hair into beautiful long tresses. Have it in your breakfast everyday.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds carry omega-3 fatty acid that nourishes the hair. Since the body does not produce these healthy fats you need to take them in your diet. Flaxseeds can also be a mind-blowing healthy snack.


Have carrot juice everyday for hair growth. Vitamin A is beneficial and as carrots contain this vitamin they are essential to be added in diet. Not only this, carrots also help the scalp in producing essential oils that keeps hair roots strong and boosts its growth.



Iron is important for the hair cells and its deficiency may cause hair loss. When the body runs short of iron, oxygen and other nutrients it can make strands weak and causes hair fall.


Avocado has Vitamin E that improves blood circulation. Not only this, they also maintain hair’s oil content. Have them raw or add them to your smoothie for a delicious twist.


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