Things That Girls with Big Butt can Relate to

Things that girls with big butt can relate to

Although having big butt is a great thing but not everyone finds it hot and suffer a lot of problems. So, here we have listed down the major ones that only girls who have huge asses can relate to:

  • Your friends always ask you to twerk hard and entertain them.
  • Sitting on the bar stool is a challenge for you as you are scared that your butts won’t fit.

  • Most of the time get wasted in selecting the perfect size shots or a good pair of jean.
  • Your besties love spanking on your ass irrespective of knowing that it might hurt.

  • People often ask you to turn around and show your ass which is too irritating.
  • Always get compliments about having a hot ass but you find it too hard to handle.

  • You are naturally blessed with good and sexy dance moves and your back plays a major role in attracting everyone.
  • Your boyfriend loves playing with your ass.

  • Your butt is used as a pillow many times.
  • Small chairs are just not meant for you as you might get stick to them as it’s not that easy to get up from it once you sit.

  • Most of the time people who stand behind you are staring your butt as they can’t see anything else.
  • You’re always at risk of knocking things over without realizing it, for no fault of your own.

  • You can’t wear short shorts because your magnificent backside insists on peeking out of them.

  • You are the center of attraction in group photos with your flat-assed friends.


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