Things You Must Stop Doing in Morning

Mornings are very important as a bad one ruin the day which is why we  always talk about things that one should do every morning but today we tell you about few things you must stop doing for a better morning

Skipping shower: A research from Harvard University has found that taking a shower in the morning is not only refreshing but is helpful to wake you up. Besides this it also helps your mind work better creatively and productively as the temperature change help improve blood flow, making you feel re-energised and ready to take on the day.

Missing Breakfast: Fueling your stomach in the morning gives you the right amount of energy through the day and helps feel less hungry. If you are too busy for breakfast then go intermittent fasting which basically involves not eating for 16 hours a day, and eating between 12pm to 8pm. Intermittent fasting is known to promote weight loss and better heart health, even reducing blood sugar levels

Coffee Empty Stomach: Having caffeine early in the morning or before you eat can not only make you gassy and bloated, but also slows down your body’s natural cortisol production, which leads to that dreadful coffee high and the inevitable crash that ends up leaving you anxious and low.

Checking Phone: Looking at your phone immediately can hijack your morning routine and you tend to get late and miss other important to do things.

Outfit Stress: Avoid taking stress about what to wear every morning and finalise the outfit advance as morning fashion stress can lead to a bad day at work too.


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