Ways Through Which your Skin Reflects Stress

Source Vixen Daily

All of us go through stress  and no matter how much we try to hide, it shows in our attitude or in our appearance. It is the worst enemy of  skin as our skin has a way of reacting to internal and external stress which can even lead to various skin disorders. Many times we never consider it but our skin does reflect stress and here is how

  • Acne

Source The Independent

Source The Independent

If our mind or body is under too much stress, it creates a chemical response that leads to the production of stress hormone. This further leads to excessive oil secretion from underneath and makes the skin oilier which causes acne.  Inflamed skin can also cause eczema, dermatitis & rosacea.

  • Scalp and nail problems

Source tophealthjournal

Source tophealthjournal

Ever unintentionally bitten your fingernails or pulled your hair? This could be because of stress hormone. When in stress we get a fight-or-flight response that can be triggered because of excess cortisol in the system. You might also notice an unusual growth in hair fall.

  • Wrinkles and dark circles

Source Medium

Source Medium

Dark circles are one of the common signs that shows our body is under stress. Experts assume that people who have dark circles are under stress or have been sleep-deprived. Apart from dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles also appear on the face because of stress.

  • More sensitive skin

In the case of high-stress levels, the skin gets thinner and sensitive. Cortisol results in the breakdown of dermal protein that makes the skin thin as well as tearing easily. If you notice any of these symptoms you should contact a doctor, as the thinning of skin can lead to cushing syndrome.

  • Delayed healing

A lot of stress weakens our skin and slows down the skin’s natural ability to heal wounds. This further increases the risk of infections so you must keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.


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