Foods that reduce PMS symptoms


Popping pills isn’t the answer for reducing PMS symptoms. Diet plays a crucial role in the menstruation cycle of women. There are many foods that can help relieve from pesky period symptoms and we being some for you that are a must to add in diet. Have a look if you too go through unwanted period pains.



Avocados are nutritional powerhouse. As they have wide varieties of vitamins and minerals, and also omega-3 fatty acids, that helps to fight inflammation and relieve pain due to menstrual cramping. You can add few of its slices to your wrap daily or add in morning smoothie or use it as an avocado toast. It is filled up with nutrients to help the body fight against PMS.


Fatty acids found in salmon, almonds, and olive oil is good for health. It has also been found that the intake of three essential fatty acids relieves PMS symptom. Have pink fish as it is the best source of these acids DHA and EPA. It boosts mood and reduces irritation.

Dark chocolate

Thanks to the antioxidant levels and endorphin-boosting qualities in chocolate that compels it to be in your menu during menstruation days. Chocolate increases blood flow to the brain that makes one energized and prevents fatigue and brain fog which are common in PMS.

Low-Fat Yogurt

Many people think avoiding dairy products would ease their problems but it is not so. Having things like yoghurt that are rich in probiotics and calcium, decrease the possibility of menstrual cramps. Avoid dairy products only when you struggle with acne or have sensitive skin.

Pop Some Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seed

A handful of pumpkin seeds would help fight against PMS as they are rich in nutrients. Having it you are helped with lifting mood, fight water retention, reduce irritability etc. It gives the body iron, fiber, and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Brazil Nuts

These nuts come packed with nutrients and antioxidants that works best for skin. These nuts reduce breakouts and hydrate the skin at that time of month. The nuts include selenium, vitamin E, and other fatty acids which further helps in reducing inflammation to prevent unwanted breakouts. Have cashews, almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, raisins to boost energy.

What is your to-go food to reduce PMS?