Hangover Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Source Naukri nama

Were you drunk last night? Check this out before grabbing painkillers, a cup of coffee or lemonade. Some people have bad hangovers and look for cures first thing in the morning. But unfortunately, some hangover cures are myths as well. So scroll down below, before trying to cure your hangover of last night.

  • Hangovers happen because you’re dehydrated

The truth is that drinking makes your body dehydrated and that dehydration usually accompanies a hangover but probably isn’t responsible for it.

  • Stick to one type of booze and you won’t get a hangover.

This doesn’t mean that you are drinking whiskey all night and you will be fine the next morning.Drink but in a limit and don’t go beyond your capacity.

  • Pop two painkillers before bed and you’ll be fine!

There’s no guarantee that painkillers prevent a hangover.

  • Sleep off the hangover

The last thing we do is to sleep to get rid of a hangover, but this won’t work. If you want to sober up fast then make your body active like go for a walk or jog.

  • Drink a strong cup of black coffee

This is the biggest myth, in fact, a cup of black or strong coffee can make you feel worse.

  • Beer before liquor, never been sicker

This is 100% untrue. Alcohol is alcohol, and too much of it will make anyone feel sick

  • Eat bread to soak up the alcohol

Food generally slows the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, but bread isn’t any better at it.

  • A heavy breakfast is helpful

Your liver is already busy metabolizing the alcohol in your body, how will a heavy meal help?