Health Benefits of Zumba

Zumba is a fitness program which combines elements of dance and aerobics. It’s fun and engaging nature has made it one of the most popular new styles of exercise. Today there are countless fitness programs to stay in shape but this dance fitness style has some unique qualities that help it stand out from other competitors. Read on to know other benefits of zumba.

Calorie and fat burning

Health benefits of Zumba

It helps in burning calories and thus supports weight loss.The fluctuation from controlled movements to rapid, high-intensity cardiovascular helps you burn around 500-800 calories in an hour’s session.

Better Coordination

As we age, coordination often suffers, but the multi-tasking elements of zumba, as well as its graceful, dance-like motions helps keep your body in prime physical shape – well balanced and unified.

Heart Health

Health benefits of Zumba

Being a cardiovascular workout Zumba improves heart fitness as it elevates the heart rate and breathing rate and further pumps more oxygen into the body.

Full Body Workout

Health benefits of Zumba

Our muscles are engaged to make some specific moves like squats and twists, which helps in toning the whole body.

Stress Relief and reduces depression

Health benefits of Zumba

It is more of a fun activity as it involves full body movement on loud music and thus relieves the stress . It also increases the production of endorphins hormones which further makes you feel good and keeps you away from depression.

Make new friends

Friends make us happy and in a Zumba class you meet and socialize with interesting and fun people and make a lot of new friends.

Improves posture

The movements of Zumba include samba, salsa, mambo etc which leads to helping you work on different moves altogether. Stretching and being involved in unusual movements reduces tension and improves body’s posture and flexibility.