Find Out Why It’s Better to Sleep in the Dark!

We all are quite aware about the fact that how important it is to take proper sleep but do you know that even dim light

Important Reasons to Buy Health Insurance

Health is wealth but now air pollution, late hours, busy schedules and everything is contributing in making it worse. Also

What is Hantavirus and How it is Different from Coronavirus

While the world is still dealing with the havoc created by a novel coronavirus, another virus has appeared in China. A man

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Symptoms of COVID-19!

Coronavirus is alarming since it became a pandemic. Doctors have been telling people about the symptoms of the virus, and

Ways to de-stress your body daily

We all know stress is bad for our body and mind but now it has become an integral part of everyone’s life. . We take


How Crying can Make you Healthier

Must be thinking how weeping can be good for someone? Well yes, it is in some way or the other. Its benefits start with the

Signs That Show You Are Suffering from OCD

What is it? An obsession is an uncontrollable thought or fear that causes stress . A compulsion is a ritual or action

Brown Rice is Healthier Than White Rice

Why Brown Rice is Healthier than White Rice

Rice is one a most common staple food consumed by many countries. Almost half of the world’s population consumes rice at

foods that STOP weight loss

5 Healthy Foods That Stop Weight Loss

We all often make that switch to healthy eating to lose weight. Eating healthy makes you lose those unwanted kilos and keeps

Study Reveals: Erectile Dysfunction also effects Productivity at Work

There are many males who due to some or other reason face problem of erectile dysfunction. It is not something to be ashamed