5 Healthy Foods That Stop Weight Loss

foods that STOP weight loss

We all often make that switch to healthy eating to lose weight. Eating healthy makes you lose those unwanted kilos and keeps you in great health. But have you heard the popular old saying that “too much of anything can be bad?” This applies to ‘healthy’ eating too. I switched to nuts and nut butters a few weeks back thinking they are unprocessed and hence healthy fats only to realize that they come with heavy and dense calories. Here are 5 healthy foods you must consume in moderation:

Nut butters

foods that STOP weight loss

We all love a creamy peanut butter or a crunchy almond butter! Well nut butters are the all new rage and as much as we love them, these are very high in calories and can lead to weight gain. The FDA recommends no more than two tablespoons in an entire day, so go slow!


5 healthy foods that STOP weight loss

Avocado is the best fat source ever. They are creamy and they are packed with all healthy fats which aid weight loss making it the perfect food. But nutritionists say that once the avocado is mashed it is difficult to judge the quantity and we all end up overeating! Half of a large one or one small avocado is all that you need!


foods that STOP weight loss

Hummus makes for a great starter if you are eating out and want to have something healthy. Hummus is packed with healthy fats and protein! Clubbed with raw vegetables, it is the healthiest you can eat when you are out. But remember it has fats and anything above two to three tablespoons will throw your calorie intake out of order and can lead to weight gain.


foods that STOP weight loss

They are the perfect snack and healthy too. But they are addictive, we all can end up eating quite a few nuts and dried fruit if it is kept within reach. However, doctors say that 30 grams of nuts are beneficial as they contain essential oils that restore energy.

Dark chocolate

foods that STOP weight loss

This is my ultimate comfort food when I diet and often my only solace when PMSing! And it is easy to lose control when it comes to chocolate. Yes, dark chocolate is good for the heart and rich in flavonoids but nutritionist say 40 grams is all you need!

However, you can go up in the quantity if you lead an active lifestyle or follow a special diet.