Avoid Sour Foods at Night

When it comes to eating at night, almost everyone has the same instruction – ‘keep it light.’ But with the irresistible presence of food myths around, it is natural for people to be confused. Even though some of these food myths might be completely groundless, some of  them do have an inherent logic behind them and avoiding sour foods at night is one such. So  here is why you must avoid sour food at night



The most common reason mentioned to avoid sour foods at night is that these foods are acidic in nature and eating them  just before going to bed may cause acidity. It is also believed that sour food may inflate cold and cough.

Weight Loss

Eating sour food is not good for your weight loss goals too so  avoid  sour food including  fruits.

Avoid eating anything just before going to Bed


Eating sour foods at night, may also lead to clotted mucus in the nasal passage and lead to weakness and fatigue. Be it sour, sweet or salty, nutritionists around the world recommend not eating anything just before few minutes going to bed especially heavy food. As it may hamper with your usual digestion process because, when you eat anything just before your sleeping time, you are delivered with an unexpected flow of energy, which is really not necessary for your body at that time. The energy hike would stop you from sleeping and give you a restless night.

Therefore, eat your sour delights, but just make sure they aren’t too late in the evening and absolutely not closely before your bedtime.