Breast Cancer Wiped Out by Woman’s Own Immune System

First Woman cured from Breast Cancer by using her own Immune cells

First Woman got eradicated from Breast cancer through immune cells :

A 52-year-old lady Judy Perkins from Florida is the first woman who got completely cured from breast cancer after getting her immune system rewired from the doctors. Through this procedure all the tumors that had spread in her whole body got destroyed and she is leading a very active and healthy life. When her cancer was diagnosed she went for mastectomy in 2003 and then she had also undergone many sessions of chemo therapies but they all failed. Things were really hard for her as she was given only a few months of survival.

Judy Perkins told in an Interview:“My condition deteriorated a lot towards the end and I had a tumors pressing on a nerve, which meant I spent my time trying not to move at all to avoid pain shooting down my arm. I had given up fighting,” “After the treatment  most of my tumors got dissolved and I was able to go for a 40-mile hike,”“It feels miraculous, and I am beyond amazed that I am now cancer free.

How her cancer got cured with this technique:

The doctors first studied her tumor by taking some small tissues from it. Then, her immune cells named as tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, or TILs were extracted. These cells were unsuccessful in eradicating the tumor on their own.

These cells were then clinically multiplied and 80 billion out of those were inserted back into her body. After undergoing this procedure for almost 42 weeks she was declared cancer free. Her treatment was done by a team led by Dr Steven Rosenberg at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Maryland.

According to the doctors it is not very easy to get eradicated from such a dangerous problem as the cure rate is too low. But, Judy Perkins recovery from this is a miracle and is remarkable too. Before using this technique on others, further trials will be done. There are chances that soon this will become a great way of curing cancer widely