Easy ways to burn 100 calories daily

Burning 100 calories doesn’t require a long exercise or gym session. There are few ways you can end up losing those unwanted calories with simple chores. Doing chores not only cleans your house it also gives your body a vigorous form of exercise. Try these simple activities and burn off 100 calories easily:

· Aerobic dancing

Source: Yog Power Studio

This is a fun and easy way to burn calories. Who doesn’t love dancing? You just have to dance and lose calories. 10-minute aerobics dancing can kill up to 100 calories.

· Gardening

Easy ways to burn 100 calories daily

You might think how can gardening burn calories, but all the digging and weeding helps in burning calories. By working 25 minutes in your garden you can lose up to 105 calories. It will be good for your health and you will have a beautiful well-maintained garden too!

· Use the Stairs

Easy ways to burn 100 calories daily

We all know the statement “use stairs to stay fit”, follow it and burn calories. It is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. Walking up and down the stairs can help you burn 100 calories in 20 minutes. Whenever possible use stairs over lifts or escalators.

· Play tennis

Source: USTA

This is a fun way of burning calories. Sports are an excellent way to lose weight and tennis is one of them. You can lose 100 calories in 13 minutes.

· Playing with kids

While playing with kids we all turn energetic. And constant playing helps in shedding extra calories. Just half hour of playing can make you lose 150 calories.

· Household work

Source: Reboot

You can burn hundreds of calories by doing simple household work. Everyday activities like moping, cleaning dishes, cooking, and dusting can help you shed extra fat. They can result better if you do them with a moderate intensity.