What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss?

Difference between weight loss and fat loss decoded

Have you ever thought that why getting your desired fitness is a never-ending goal? Well, there can be a number of reasons. Sometimes there is confusion. People who want to lose fat end up losing weight, Instead. Being in shape and being fit are DIFFERENT things. When you want to lose weight you must know the right approach. So let’s clear out this confusion and talk about the difference between both:

What is Weight loss?

What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss?

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Your body weight is not about fat, it is the sum of the weight of your whole body. That includes muscles, bones, organs and amount of water your body retains.

Weight loss = Muscle loss + Fat loss + water loss.

So what is the Fat loss?

As the term suggests, it is removing extra fat from your body. The loss of fat helps to get a toned body. While we workout we tend to lose fat than weight.

What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss?

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Fat loss = reducing stored body fat

How to lose weight?

If you seriously want to lose weight, then you must keep a check on your diet and workout level. Try to eat fewer sweets and avoid junk food. Drink more of water and eat healthily. Burn at least 500 calories a day through diet and exercise. Do gym workouts that suit your body and will be helpful in the long run. Doctors suggest 30-60 minutes of daily physical activity in a day.

How to lose fat?

There are several things you can do to burn fat. Firstly, you must include aerobics in your exercise and build 30 minutes of strength training workout. Second, eat more proteins, as they make you stronger. Do cycling, jogging, swimming or cycling daily as this burns fat easily and will help you lose weight too!


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