Googling your Health Symptoms is Bad for You

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Whenever you feel sick, what is the first thing you do? Go to a doctor? I am sure you don’t do that perhaps you Google your symptoms. Mostly this self-diagnosis on internet hints of something worse. For instance: if you search for stomach ache, you will get 10 results each one suggesting something different. This creates a lot of confusion and makes you even sicker. In addition to incorrect diagnosis, self-searching your symptoms using the internet can be a dangerous disease. Apart from an inaccurate diagnosis, the risk of identifying a wrong disease is greater. So we tell few things  you should keep in mind before Googling your symptoms:

  • No authenticity of the content

By this, we mean, that anyone can publish content online. There is no guarantee about the quality and creditability of the content available online so it cab be false as well.

  • It can cause anxiety

When you Google something there are results that suggest surgery or connect the symptom to any kind of cancer. These conclusions can cause anxiety, especially for the ones who are already suffering from some disease. There is a lot of stuff on the internet and you can’t decide what is right.

Source The Indian Express

Source The Indian Express

  • You could delay identifying real disease

Symptoms reflect that something is wrong with your health and assuming what is wrong can delay your visit to the doctor. Sometimes a little delay in identifying the disease can become serious so instead of searching it on the internet, visit your doctor.

  • Doctors are very educated

Source Freepik

Source Freepik

While Googling your symptoms just keep in mind that studying medicine is not an easy task. Your doctor is a knowledgeable person, he can physically see and examine your symptoms better than anyone and anything else.

Please understand that you cannot replace professional medical help with Google. It cannot provide you with the necessary treatment, instead, the results on it can give your stress and tension. In order to figure out what is wrong with your health  please visit your doctor.