Horns are Growing on Young People’s Skull!

Researchers at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia have discovered that our frequent use of mobile devices could be fundamentally changing our physiology. To be specific, they’re seeing horn-like bone spurs appear on younger adults.

Check out what the researchers are saying:

Frequent use of mobile phone makes people tilt their heads forward to view. That shifts the weight of the head from the spine to muscles in the back of the head that further causes bones to grow in the tendons and ligaments. That results in a horn-like spur that grows from the base of the skull.

“Our findings raise a concern about the future musculoskeletal health of the young adult population and reinforce the need for prevention intervention through posture improvement education,” the scientists noted in the report, which was originally published a year ago but has come to more prominent attention recently.

The study was done by looking at 1200 X-rays covering a wide variety of age ranges. One-third of those exhibited the bone spur, with the frequency decreasing with age. Larger spurs were much more obvious in younger people.

Humans have been warned for the impact of cell phones on human health, but as per researchers, this is the first time the body has shown this.

They wrote. “An important question is what the future holds for the young adult populations in our study when development of a degenerative process is evident in such an early stage of their lives?,”

If you are concerned about the effects of prologued technology use on you health, you should consider checking your posture and moderating your screen time.