How Crying can Make you Healthier


Must be thinking how weeping can be good for someone? Well yes, it is in some way or the other. Its benefits start with the baby’s first cry! It is a common in human beings and happens due to different reasons and it has been seen that weeping can be good and that too in many ways. Here we bring how, take a look.


Researches show that crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and can be the best way to soothe the body and mind. PNS helps the body rest and is a stress reliever.


Mood enhancer

Weeping eases pain and is also said to lift one’s spirits. While crying a person takes in fast breaths that further helps to lower the stress for the brain. This results in cooling the mind and enhances the mood with refreshing the brain.

Helps recover from grief soon

Grieving has periods where one faces feeling of sorrow, guilt, or anger and crying is important for the body this time. Weeping helps the body to accept the loss and in bad times it is important to flush out sorrows by this.

Brings back emotional balance

One does not always cry because of being sad only but sometimes also because they are extremely happy. It is also said that crying restores emotional equilibrium. The body’s way of recovering from a strong emotion whether it’s happy or sad is by shedding tears.

Tears help the eyes

With tears the eyes are moistened and it helps to keep them healthy. It is also the biological function of tears to keep the eyes moisten and give protection against fumes or debris. But yes, too much of it can irritable.



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