Ignoring High BP could be Fatal!

International Hypertension Day: 2018

Today is International hypertension day and on this occasion we would like to make you aware about the things that you must know about hypertension. Tough, there are no  definite symptoms, but sometimes problems like headache and dizziness also indicate chances of having high blood pressure. If you ignore these problems just because you do not get any serious symptom, then you are putting your health in a danger zone.

Consequences of ignoring high blood pressure

If you face the difficulty of constant headache, dizziness, blur vision and easily get fatigue then, there are high chances that you suffering from hypertension. Ignoring these problems can cause serious harm to your health in many ways.

International Hypertension Day: 2018

1. Due to high pressure your arteries can damage.

2. Constant high blood pressure increases the chances of heart attack.

3. It can lead to brain stroke which is one of the most common causes of death nowadays.

4. Your heart becomes too weak because of which it does not work efficiently and this leads to heart failure.

5. Hypertension can result in blindness because of the pressure on the tiny blood vessels in the eyes.

6. High blood pressure even causes mental problems and effects out ability to learn, think and remember.

So, the best way to avoid all these serious health problems is keep your blood pressure in control before it goes out of your hand.

A Healthy Lifestyle plays an important role in controlling hypertension

In today’s world almost every person takes stress because of too much hassle and hectic life. This is the major reason why people suffer from hypertension and even the children are facing it. So, it is very important to keep our lifestyle healthy, give time to yourself and try balancing things. Until and unless you don’t take any initiative no one can help you out. It is only you who can make things better and avoid having high blood pressure. Here are some of the things that you can change in your lifestyle for avoiding hypertension.

International Hypertension Day: 2018

1. Keep your weight in control.

2. Eat less of heavy and spicy food. Do not eat too much salt in your food.

3. You must exercise everyday as it is very important for your overall health and gives you strength.

4. Make a healthy diet plan for yourself. Do not take diet that is not appropriate for you.

These things will definitely help you out but also remember that laughter is the the therapy so always keep smiling.