Items You Must Replace to Go Plastic-Free

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Plastic pollution is very harmful to our environment and if we want our new generations to grow we need to change the way we live right now. Going plastic-free is one of the major steps we need to take for a better future and all of us can do our part in it. Wondering how? Check out some ways to go plastic-free:

  • Stop using plastic bags 

While going to fruit or vegetable shopping carry your own cloth bag instead of asking for a plastic bag from the vendor. 

  • Replace plastic toothbrush 

Do you know if you throw a plastic toothbrush in garbage it will take decades to decompose? So take little steps and replace them with wooden ones. They are easily available in the market. 

  • Replace plastic fridge bottles 

Glass and steel bottles are fancy and good for environment too.

  • Avoid using plastic garbage bags 

The easiest option is plastic garbage bag and most people do not know the alternative so they continue using them. But there are biodegradable garbage bags also available in the market at reasonable prices so contribute to the environment and start using them. 

  • Change in sanitary products 

Women all across the country mostly uses sanitary napkins but replacing them with menstrual cup or tampons is a great idea. 

  • Go for fresh juices 

Stop drinking carbonated drinks which come in harmful plastic bottles and shift to fresh juices, coconut water or lime soda. 


Instead of plastic containers in the kitchen opt for glass or ceramic ones for storage.