Regular Exercise can Cut Risk of Heart Attack even in Polluted Areas

Study: Regular exercise can keep a heart healthy even in polluted areas

Physical exercise reduces the chances of heart-related problems :

In today’s time pollution has become a major problem in big cities and due to  smog health is getting harmed.  There are advisories to stay indoor during pollution hours and avoid workout in open but now  the new study has proved that doing regular exercise may cut the risk of heart attacks even in polluted areas.

 Study: Regular exercise can keep a heart healthy even in polluted areas

Traffic pollution generates a harmful pollutant nitrogen dioxide (NO2) which cause many dangerous health problems and increase the risk of heart attacks, asthma and lung diseases. Researchers have found that people who stay in a high level of effluence and don’t do any exercise are prone to more heart attacks than the one who is physically fit. Sports also lower down the risk of initial heart attacks and moderate cycling for four or more hours per week cut risk for recurrent heart attacks.

 Study: Regular exercise can keep a heart healthy even in polluted areas

For the study, published in Journal of the American Heart Association, the researchers in Denmark, Germany and Spain evaluated outdoor physical activity levels (sports, cycling, walking and gardening) and NO2 exposure in 51,868 adults aged between 50-65 years. They even compared self-reported activities and lifestyle factors against heart attack and to estimate average NO2 exposure, they used national traffic pollution monitoring data for each participants’ address.

According to the study though you cannot avoid living in polluted areas but you can lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising daily.



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