Side Effects of Tea

Reasons why it’s bad to be a tea lover
In India, a large chunk of people are obsessed with tea. Their morning starts with a cup of tea and ends with it. Though tea in moderation is very good for the health but when it becomes an addiction, the problems begin. Lets take a look at some of the  side effects of tea

1. Dehydration

Too much caffeine present in tea decreases the absorption capability of tubules which is an essential part of our kidneys, resulting in dehydration. So, you should not consume too much tea as it can leave your body dried out and lead to severe consequences later.

2. Chances of Miscarriage

When you are expecting you should not drink tea as it has a lot of caffeine in it which can harm the development of the fetus. So, you should avoid consuming it especially in the first three months of pregnancy as it raises the risk of miscarriage.

3. It becomes an addiction

There is a saying “Excess of everything is bad “similarly, if you make a habit of gulping two to three cups of tea every day you get dependent on it.  And if, all of a sudden you wish to leave or reduce its intake you may face withdrawal symptoms like a headache, fatigue, low concentration power etc.

4. Prostate Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and scary problems that no one wants to face. Nobody has an idea that too much addiction to tea can result in prostate cancer. According to research people who drink more tea are prone to this problem than the ones who don’t.

5. Constipation

Many people have a misconception that drinking tea early in the morning helps  in clearing stomach properly but the fact is that tea has chemical theophyllines which can cause the problem during digestion, causing constipation. So, avoid drinking an excessive amount of tea.