Signs That Show You Are Suffering from OCD

What is it?

An obsession is an uncontrollable thought or fear that causes stress . A compulsion is a ritual or action that someone repeats a lot. Compulsions may offer some relief, but only for a little while.

Many people have a misconception that Obsessive-compulsive disorder is not that serious and with time it gets improved. However, it is a stage of anxiety that must be treated well otherwise the consequences may get severe. People with OCD get thoughts and behavior which is not in their control thus many doesn’t even realize that whether they have it or not. If you or your near and dear ones shows the below signs than book an appointment with a doctor asap.

  • You don’t feel like anything which has already been touched as you have a fear of germs. Don’t even feel like shaking hands with anyone.
  • You often get thoughts about hurting yourself or someone else whenever thinking about anything.
  • Always think negative, can’t see the positive side as your mind does not allow you to look on the happy side.
  • Most of your time goes in washing hands unnecessarily or cleaning it with a sanitizer.
  • Your home is full of things you don’t use or need, and you can’t stop yourself from buying more
  • Plan things according to numeric values, like if you will not climb 9 stairs something wrong will happen.
  • Unwanted thoughts about sexual abuse and violence keep popping up in your head.
  • Get conscious about a particular part of the body which they hate.
  • Repeat the same questions again and again to grab attention and for avoiding compulsive behavior.
  • Undoubtedly many people check the gas knobs and doors before going out of the house but people with OCD keep on checking it again and again to the extent that they also get late for work.
  • Do not have confidence in their decision and keep asking friends or office colleagues for suggestions.