Signs That You Have Emotional Stress

Signs that shows you have Emotional Stress

Life is all about ups and downs and everyone face tough times but what matters is how you deal with it and get out of the problem with strength. Emotional stress is one of the common troubles that many people suffer from. Though it is not that severe at starting but can be really dangerous if not controlled on time. So here are some signs that show you are going through emotional stress.

Sleep Problems

 Signs that shows you have Emotional Stress

If you are not able to sleep properly or keep waking up in between at night then this is a sign of emotional stress. Though many times this also happens because of a physical issue but if you are not suffering from any such ailment, it is psychological.

Fluctuations in Bodyweight

When you constantly think about food and eat a lot even when not hungry. This sudden swing in your appetite makes you fat and doubles the body weight within a short span of it.

Physical problems that you can’t explain

 Signs that shows you have Emotional Stress

Problems like headaches, rumbling stomachs, diarrhea, constipation, and chronic pain are caused due to emotional stress. These pains are hard to explain and arise without any symptoms.

Short Tempered

One of the major sign that clearly shows you have emotional stress is losing temperament. You might not be a kind of person who gets angry but during this phase, you may shout unnecessarily on small things and at times even on senseless reasons.


Signs that shows you have Emotional Stress

Although mainly lack of rest results in fatigue but at times due to emotional stress you may feel the loss of energy. You remain tired the whole day and also don’t enjoy doing things that you love.

Avoid being social

If you don’t like going out and prefer to stay isolated then you might be suffering from emotional stress.