Surprising Revelation about Green Tea

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s surprising revelation about Green Tea

In the past few years, green tea has become one of the most popular drink and even tea lovers have switched to this healthy drink. No doubt this hot sip has a lot of benefits but many people have a misconception that the normal adrak chai that we used to drink is not healthy. Recently celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s cleared many myths and doubts about green tea


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Garam chai ki pyali ho, peene aur pilanewali aap khud hi ho! 😇

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She uploaded a video on her Instagram and gave her views on Green tea. According to her, the kadak adrak-wali-chai is the most suitable drink for our health and beauty because it provides us with the exact antioxidants that we need. She also added that ‘Green tea is excellent for people who are in the business of selling green tea.’ Adrak Chai also helps in aiding a recovery and is a rich drink for Indians that they should not leave.

She has also written on her facebook that“Sipping on green tea won’t make you thin like the Chinese. Eating dinner early at 5.30- 6 pm like them, will.

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Green tea is excellent but not for you 😜 #nift #Ahmedabad

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Earlier also Rujuta shed light at two of the most common doubts that most of the people have regarding tea and coffee and she posted two tweets on it.

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