Symptoms of PCOD

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These days PCOD (polycystic ovary disease) is a very common problem among women which occurs due to hormonal imbalance Women with PCOD produce high levels of androgens which is a male sex hormone.
In most cases, women with PCOD develop small cysts  in their ovaries. These cysts may not be harmful or cancerous, but they cause hormone imbalance in your body. It often takes time to be diagnosed and hence treatment also gets delayed. So here are a few signs that you must be aware of so that you can identify the condition soon

•    Irregular periods

Women with PCOD get irregular periods because of the lack of ovulation that prevents the uterine lining from shedding every month.

•    Hair growth

Women suffering from PCOD have excessive hair growth which is medically known as hirsutism. There can be excessive hair growth on the back, face, chest, and abdomen. If you experience this you might be suffering from PCOD.

•    Headaches

Women with PCOS often get headaches due to hormonal changes.

•    Weight gain

Excessive weight gain is a sure sign of PCOS. Weight gain and obesity in spite of doing a healthy diet is a sign that you might have PCOS.

•    Disturbed sleep

Women with PCOS also suffer from disturbed sleep and often feel low on energy and tired because of PCOD thus sleep apnea occurs. It is a condition marked by brief pauses in breathing which turn causes insomnia and mood swings.

Darkening of skin 

Dark patches can appear in body creases like those under the breasts or on the neck.

•    Anxiety and depression

Women often experience anxiety, depression and eating disorders that happen because of PCOD related changes in the body.

•    Acne

Acne breakouts happen in a woman’s body due to hormonal changes.

•    Pelvic pain


If you experience pelvic pain and cramps, then my dear it is time to consult your doctor.