Ways to Curb Snoring with Lifestyle Changes

Source:Consumer Reports

Almost 45% of normal adults snore occasionally and you might be one of them. A snoring partner often keeps the other person’s good night sleep away because of the disturbance caused. Not only for others but consistent snoring can be a problem for the person as it causes diseases like sleep apnea, allergies, deviated septum and other issues. This sleeping habit affects quantity and quality of sleep so here are some lifestyle habits that can help you eliminate snoring.

  • Changing posture

The positions in which you sleep really affect your snoring habits. It most likely occurs when you lay on your back, as sleeping on your back might cause your tongue to move the back of the throat, making the air narrower. Therefore in order to stop snoring, you should change your sleeping position. Sleeping on the side helps to avoid snoring.

  • Open the nasal passages

Snoring can occur because of a blocked nose that blocks the air you breathe, disturbing the breathing process. The blocked nose makes the air to move faster, which produces snoring. Putting nasal strips on the bridge of the nose helps to increase the nasal passage space, thus making you breathe effectively and eliminate your snoring.

  • Stop smoking

Smoking is injurious to health and with respect to snoring; smoking causes nasal congestion and inflammation which are main reasons for snoring. Therefore, in order to stop the snoring, you must stop smoking.

  • Raise up your bed’s head

To reduce the snoring you can elevate the head of your bed by some inches to keep your airways open. This head rise up reduces the chances of the tongue falling back and decreasing the airflow resistance, making it easier to breathe.

  • Yoga

Yoga can be helpful in stopping snoring. Postures such as Pranayama can help you to increase your control over breathing. Through regular practice of yoga, you can take deep and slow breathes and reduce snoring.

Fortunately, snoring can be treated by simple lifestyle changes, try some of them and see the changes.