Weird Things Girls Do When They Suffer from PMS

We all know about a girl’s menstruation cycle but do you have an idea about Pmsing? It is the phase when a lady does all the unexpected things due to the hormonal swing as her emotions are not in her control. No matter how fit you are Pmsing is a sensitive time when everyone should understand the women’s feeling. From watching bizarre films to cracking pointless jokes here are weirdest things girls do during this time

Never ending mood swings are the most common thing that almost every girl faces. Without any reason they start crying and then again laugh as if something funny has happened.

Have no control on their anger and keep shouting on close ones.

Does not want to listen, anyone and keep on talking without taking any inputs.

Fight with boyfriend and husbands on things that are senseless and have no point.

Watch weird movies and then sit numb as if some shock has been given.

Wants to beat someone who has done unfair to them.

Crave for foods that are hard to prepare in short span of time.

Do hilarious stuff like dance or crack dumb jokes just to get attention. ‘

Go in deep thoughts and past that is hard to forget. Listen sad and strange songs.

Poke their nose in between every issue that is not even related to them.