Which is better: Indian or Western Toilet Seat?

Western culture has dominated Indians from a long time, we have adopted the western lifestyle in a way that we are overlooking the importance of our own traditions and cultures. The elementary example of us being influenced by western culture is using western toilets  instead of Indian ones. Usually, we feel uncomfortable about discussing which one is a better choice. If you look for comfort than western is better but Indian toilets are more hygienic and keep us healthy. A constant debate goes on about which toilet is better- western or India. So here are a few reasons that suggest Indian toilets are a better choice:

  • Indian toilets promote better digestion

Yes, using Indian toilets makes the digestion process better. Sitting in a squat position helps to digest food appropriately. It even puts pressure on the bowel movement so that the waste is flushed out. On the other hand, there is no pressure on the lower body in a western toilet that could encourage bowel movement.

  • It is more hygienic

Source ClipartXtras

Source ClipartXtras

We all think that western toilets are hygienic but Indian toilets are more hygienic than that. It is advised to go to Indian toilets in a public place. As there is no direct contact of your body with toilet seat the risk of UTI is less. However, in western toilets, our skin is in touch with the seat thus, Indian toilets are more hygienic and clean.

  • It prevents constipation

The position of our body in Indian toilets helps to evacuate the waste from the body, thus colon in our body becomes clear. As per researchers, risk of stomach related problems is greater in western toilets than in Indians. So by using the Indian toilets, you can prevent the problem of constipation and other stomach related issues.

Source IndiaMART

Source IndiaMART

  • Indian toilets keep us fit

Using Indian toilet is a kind of a squat exercise that we do. Sitting in such a position makes our legs strong and brings them in motion. These seats lead to better blood circulation in the body. Thus a kind of daily exercise is done.

So yes, Indian toilets are a better choice than the western one.