World No Tobacco Day: Do E- Cigarette helps quit smoking?

World No Tobacco Day

May 31st is known as the World No Tobacco Day. Right now the biggest trend is E-cigarettes or vaping. While the jury is still out about the perils of e-smoking, people say vaping helps them quit tobacco and they are said to be safe for health. E-cigarettes also popularly called vaping is a scientific marvel where the user inhales vapor and not smoke. Here is the lowdown weather vaping is actually better over the traditional cigarettes:

Benefits of Vaping

E-cigs are less harmful than the normal ones and even some researchers believe that removing the cancer-causing chemicals and offering purified nicotine can be comparatively safer. The two major ingredients in tobacco that are harmful are nitrosamines and hydrocarbons. Vaping does not have these two so a person faces reduced health problems. As vaping closely mimics the act of smoking and can be helpful in quitting too. It gives people that nicotine kick and is said to be not harmful. It also helps to reduce discomfort related with tobacco abstinence.  Researchers have also come up with a hybrid tobacco flavored e-cigarette that gives a natural tobacco flavor without having to burn it which eliminates the toxicant risk.

World No Tobacco Day

Vaping helps quit smoking

Vaping is seen nowadays as a safer alternative to smoking but the World Health Organization has refused to endorse the device as nicotine replacement therapy. Though e-cigs are an effective tool for quitting, but not everyone uses them. In most countries, e-cigarettes cost higher than conventional ones and as it replaces the nicotine vapor with other flavors like chocolate, vanilla etc. However the fluid used does have many drawbacks. It can be addictive because of the aroma. Also  it is said to encourage minors to smoke. As per a study, teenagers who vape, have more possibilities of trying real cigarettes afterwards.

Is vaping safe?

There has not been any evidence that they are entirely harmless but is better than normal cigarettes. But, many doctors say it is as bad as tobacco. It is been said that e-cigs suppresses immune defenses and can alter inflammation in human airways, can boost bacterial virulence and can even damage cells to cause cancer. E-cigs vapors also contain tiny carcinogens and heavy metals that is said to be harmful for the lung cells and can even enter the blood.

So in the long run if you do not quit vaping it can be equally detrimental for your health. As the device looks cool it is attracting a many youngsters into the world of smoking and needs to be stopped.