Why You Must Exercise During Periods


In periods the lack of energy, pain and general irritation is common and there is nothing women want than to snuggle in the bed the whole day. But does it really help? Well, to deal with pain a regular routine needs to be followed much like every other day. In fact, workout during periods allows you to feel more refreshed, energetic and decreased many health issues. Here is why you must head to the gym while menstruating:

Relieves symptoms

Relieves symptoms

The more active you are the better you feel with fewer cramps and lesser flow!   A workout releases mood-boosting endorphins that decrease your discomfort and lessens the pain.

Keeps you cool

Keeps you cool

You might have noticed your palms and feet feel colder when you are on those days, this is because your core temperature drops and working out helps your body maintain its natural heat.

Eases menstrual cramps

Eases menstrual cramps

Endorphins released during an exercise routine reduce the pain which women associate with menstruation. A good workout decreases your stress and lowers anxiety too! Performing a workout reduces menstrual cramps too. It allows your body to pump up your blood circulation and hence you must exercise.

Regulates irregular cycle

Physical activity can get your menstrual cycle back on track. You need to be active especially a few days before your expected period. Have healthy fruits, vegetables and combine it with a good workout to help your body get into a regular rhythm.

Fight PMS

Fight PMS

Before the periods start many women experience PMS symptoms. You might want to indulge in calorie-rich food, sleep, fight and feel irritated. However by exercising you pump blood and release endorphins that make you feel more in control of your feelings.


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