Ongoing Pandemic: Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

Source Rocky Mountain Women's Health Center

This pandemic has changed our lives and has taken a toll over everything. The lockdown has proved to be hard on our minds and emotions but we can overcome or at least handle these issues better with the following tips by Pankhuri Agarwal, Spiritual &Oracle Healing expert, Sarva.

  • Have a daily routine -Be firm with your routine as it keeps the body clock in check and it’s a step towards keeping your mind and hormones in order.

  • Make exercise a part of your life –  Did you know exercising produces endorphins or feel-good hormones in the body? The burst of endorphins triggers a positive feeling in your body and mind. Also seeing a fitter you in the mirror does great things for self-esteem and body image that are great mood uplifters.

  • Eat a balanced meal – If you ensure three proper meals and are aware of what you are eating, you will be less likely to subject your body to mindless snacking or junk food. Most of our moods depend on our hormones and a well-balanced meal does wonder in keeping the hormone flow normally. You can also spend time cooking your favorite dish or that rare recipe that you’ve always wanted to make!

  • Meditate – Meditation brings peace and harmony to body, mind, and soul. Meditating on future goals makes us more likely to achieve them. You can use guided meditation videos on the internet.


  • Sleep –Sleep is important for the well being of the mind and body and proper sleep  makes sure our mind is alert, sharp and happy the following day.

  • Laugh – Nothing like laughter to beat the blues out! Laughter can dispel dark moods and bring in lightness to life.


  • Pray-  Know that there is a higher power listening and watching and protecting you. Give gratitude for all that is working in your life right now despite us going through very testing times. See the silver lining and pronounce it in your prayers and you will begin to feel a lot more optimistic.


  • Believe –Hope is a great way of keeping ourselves away from feeling washed out.

  • Read –Reading stimulates the brain so if you’re feeling anxious, read your favorite book or story, it will help soothe your anxiety.


  • Connect – reach out to old friends and family and rekindle the community spirit.  Though we may not be able to meet in person, but we can still keep in touch.
  • Disconnect – it’s very tempting to be hooked on to a cell phone or computer for entertainment, but excess use might leave you feeling drained and lonely. Regulate and limit electronic use, and definitely don’t take them to bed with you.

Hope these  will help you uplift your mood and feel much better!