Things You Should Not do During Periods

Periods are never fun, they just mess up one week in every month. And the PMS comes up with a stream of emotions,one moment you are angry and the other you are back to normal. While you are on your period there are some things that you dont feel like doing and there are some you shpuld not do. Not because they don’t feel right, but because they are not good for your health as well. They can make you feel even worse and make it harder for you. So here is the list of things that you should never do during your periods:

1. Don’t consume dairy  

Drinking dairy products make you feel gassier and this has nothing to do with your tolerance to dairy products, but it is totally linked to your hormones. Consuming too much dairy products can make you get more cramps.

2. Don’t get a wax

Waxing itself is torture and trying to get is done while you have your period on is double trouble. Your pain receptors are extra high and your skin is extra sensitive when you are on periods so avoid getting a wax done at that time.

3.Avoid salty snacks

Cravings never end and this is the time of the month when you feel like eating french fries, chips and other fried snacks, but ladies do you know salty foods can even worsen your period symptoms. They are one of the reasons for bloating and water retention during this time of the month.

4. Don’t even think of unprotected sex

Though unprotected intercourse is never a good idea but during periods is must be a stick no-no as blood is a great medium for viruses, therefore transmission of things like HIV during this time is higher. So while you are busy having a good time, you never know blood might act against you by carrying the dangerous virus in it.

5. Don’t wake-up all night

During menses you feel like binge-watching shows or just spending the night talking to your partner, but you should not as inadequate sleep can increase the level of stress and cortisol in the body, so you must take proper rest.