8 Horrifying Foods that are Actually Healthy

8 Horrifying Foods that are Actually Healthy

Food has a special place in our heart but there is no fun until you experiment with different foods. The scope of dishes around the planet is vast including some horrifying ones. But these  are loaded with nutrients and  has some amazing health benefits. So here is a list of 8 healthy foods that are absolutely terrifying.



Tripe consist of the first or second stomach of a cow. It is the backbone of many soup and stew recipes from all over the world. The taste is quite neutral, it is an excellent source of protein, Selenium and high in Vitamin B12.

Cow’s Heart

The taste and health benefits are similar to steak and beef. It has several B vitamins and is a great way to hold amino acids that can improve metabolism. It contains compounds that help the production of collagen and elastin, which slow the signs of aging.

Bone Marrow


Bone Marrow contains the wrinkle-fighting protein collagen which is good for us because when our age increase, our bodies produce less collagen, decreasing the elasticity in our skin.


The fermented milk drink helps boost immunity, builds bone strength , fight cancer, heals skin and even improves allergy. It can be made from any source of milk, such as goat, sheep, cow, soy, rice or coconut

Blood Sausage


Due to the main ingredient (blood), it is one of the best sources of Iron and Zinc, it has no carbohydrates, contains few calories, and help in ensuring that you have a full and balanced diet.

King Salmon Heads

Salmon is a very tasty fish, but it becomes tastier when it is consumed by burying its head in the ground and leaving it to rot for a week or two. These heads contain important omega fatty acids which have anti-cancer effects and may reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular death in individuals and also improve an individual’s mental abilities.

Fermented Tofu


This dish is made by placing cubes of tofu under hay, to dry and ferment in the open air. It is a great source of protein and also beneficial for women experiencing menopause.


A placenta is a sack which connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall of the mother. Eating a placenta is becoming increasingly popular in modern Europe and America. Many cultures believe that consuming one’s own placenta is beneficial to the mother because, placenta contains many good minerals, vitamins, and hormones, which are good for helping against postpartum depression, and stimulating milk production in the mother.


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