Bedtime drinks for weight loss

Bedtime drinks for weight loss

The biggest challenge while weight loss is to reduce belly fat. It is very hard to shed those extra pounds on the tummy. We try all sorts of tricks and hack to effectively lose weight, but sometimes nothing works out.Many people don’t know about this but there are some special combinations of foods that work wonders when it comes to fighting fat. Here are few bedtime drinks that can help you lose the stubborn belly fat.

Warm water and lemon


It is often suggested to drink warm water and lemon in the morning; however, it is useful in the night as well. This drink helps you to burn body fat effectively.

• Kefir

It is a drink made from fermented milk; kefir increases levels of healthy bacteria and promotes proper digestion. It also helps you to absorb vitamins and minerals more quickly and promotes improved sleep.

• Ginger and lemon tea


This drink is wonderful for digestion and helps to burn fat. Just add lemon and ginger to warm water. It is also good for the immune system.

• Grape juice


Grapes contain an antioxidant which converts calorie storing fat into a calorie burning fat, which ultimately leads to burning fat.

  •  Milk

A full glass of milk can help you get sound sleep as it has tryptophan and calcium. Also, sound sleep means fewer cravings for the next day, which will prevent you from gaining extra pounds. One glass of milk = faster metabolism and easier weight loss.

  • Amla and aloe vera

If you want to reduce your cholesterol level along with your weight, try having a mix of amla and aloe vera juice.