Benefits of grapes for skin and health


Many people love sitting in front of the TV and popping in grapes but did you know these grapes are good for both your skin and health? As they are loaded with nutrients so this summer give all those essential nutrients to your skin and body with making grapes your best friend. Here are its benefits:

Loaded with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties

Grapes are rich carrier of antioxidants and studies also reveal that it can help prevent certain kinds of cancers and can even maintain heart health. It also gets enzymes that has anti-inflammatory effect in the body which is helpful for the heart.

Heals sunburns

Grapes have anti-oxidant property that protects against the harsh rays of the sun and even heals sunburns. You just need to apply mashed grapes on the affected area and you are relieved from that  sun burnt skin.

Good for eyes and knees

According to a study grapes are said to be good for eye health. Having them one can increase the amounts of protective proteins in the retinas, making it good for eyes.  Not only this, its intake helps with tackling knee pain and is advised to people who have osteoarthritis. It helps in improving the flexibility and mobility of joints.


Rich in Potassium content

Per 100 grams of grapes contains 191 mg of potassium. High intake of potassium with less of sodium helps the body in numerous ways. Potassium counteracts excess sodium and as cutting down on salt intake and focusing on potassium-rich fiber is good for health, it makes grapes a must to be had. It also helps in getting a flat stomach.

 Lightens scars

This fruit is helpful in removing scars by acne. It is because it contains Vitamin C that promotes collagen production which is responsible for the growth of new cells, tissues, and ligaments that are  important for lightening scars.  Black grapes are the best for oily skin and are useful to deal with excessive oil issues.

Has anti-aging properties and even brightens skin tone

Apply grape juice on skin and it will help you improve your skin tone. Not only this, it’s nutrient properties help reversing the ageing process.

Now go to the kitchen and have some grapes.