Blue zone diet: Live up to 100 years by following it

When people realize the importance of keeping their body healthy then there is no going back.  Many people do not have a healthy relationship with food but with the help of a diet schedule and exercise regime, they work hard on changing it.

While some diets have proven short term advantage, it brings many people back to square one once they find out it isn’t sustainable. So what do you do?  Well, there is a diet that can not only help you stay healthy but you can also live up to 100 years with it.

The blue zone diet will not only change the way you eat but also the way you live.  Here is what blue zone diet promotes:

Include plant-based items

According to the blue-zone diet, 95 percent of your food items should be plant-based.  The animal protein consumption should be controlled and loading up on vegetables and fruits is required.  Beans, sweet potatoes, nuts, and fruits should be consumed daily.

Limit meat consumption to twice per week

This diet promotes less consumption of meat and obtaining protein from plant-based sources as meat contains fat and cholesterol which is not beneficial for your heart health.

Frequent fish consumption

Though the poultry products are restricted but you can eat up to 3 ounces of fish. The diet does not recommend consumption of any particular fish, any easily available fish will do.

Consume beans daily

Lentils, white beans, soybeans, etc. should be regularly consumed as they contain complex carbohydrates and protein.  According to a one-five country study funded by WHO, it was found that consumption of 20g beans daily reduces the chances of dying by 8 percent, each year.

Less consumption of processed food

Processed food items contain many chemicals that have ill effects on health. The consumption of such products should be limited and then stopped after a while. Dairy products sold commercially should also not be a part of your diet.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, you should adopt a simpler lifestyle and you will see a visible difference in yourself. Shopping from local markets can help you cut down on the consumption of processed food items.

This is what following a blue-zone diet will look like. Remember, this diet is not the kind you can test and try to see its effect. Do your research and find out more about it to understand if it will work for you.