Delicious Dessert Recipes With Vegetables

Source eat well

We usually look at vegetables in their authentic way, and can’t think of better ways to cook them. Right? But a vegetable can be used to cook many dishes including desserts as well. There are certain vegetables that you can enjoy in a sweet way. You just need to know the right way of cooking it so here is the list of delicious desserts that can be made from vegetables:

  • Carrot muffins

If you love carrots, then this dessert recipe is for you. They are fluffy, yummy and satisfying.

  • Lauki ka halwa

We all hate lauki ki sabji but here is an interesting way to eat lauki and it is to make its halwa similar to gajar ka halwa.

  • Potato halwa

Aloo ka halwa is a delicious Indian sweet made using potato as a base. This ever green vegetable can be used for making a sweet dish too.

  • Spinach cake

Spinach cake is a delicious and healthy dessert recipe made with vanilla frosting and is super green!

  • Sweet corn ice cream

Yes, it exists!

  • Coconut pumpkin halwa

This dessert is made with pumpkin, nuts, and coconut. If you don’t enjoy pumpkin, this desert will change your mind.

  • Beetroot cake

Our favorite red velvet cake flavor is made from beetroot.