Diet Trends that Ruled 2019

Source Whoabella

Just like fitness trends, there are diet trends as well. Every year there is a diet that rules the fitness industry and new ways invented to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle. Just like intermittent fasting, there are some other diet trends that gained popularity and were followed by people throughout the year.

•    No Sugar-No carb

Following this diet means you have to take a 10-day challenge that requires completely cutting out carbs and sugar. You are supposed to eat lots of vegetables, fats, and protein. It trended half of the year.

•    Intermittent fasting

This diet trend surfaced last year but gained popularity in 2019. It has many variations, requires fasting for 16 hours and eating 8 hours or fasting two days a week. You can do it the way you like or it is easy for you.

•    Whole 30

This diet trend gained popularity because of New York Times bestselling book Whole 30. It encouraged people to eat foods with as few ingredients as possible. All of them should be the ones that you know and can pronounce. It says that if you are avoiding foods such as alcohol, sugar, dairy and more for 30 days you will eliminate cravings, heal the digestive tract and restore healthy metabolism.

•    Mediterranean Diet

This one includes eating plant-based foods items like whole grains, olive oil, fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, herbs, and spices daily. Animal-based proteins like eggs and dairy should be eaten a few times a week, fish or chicken twice weekly, and red meat only a few times in a month.

•    Macro diet

Also known as IIFYM, in this you have to intake a certain ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat within an overall calorie goal. The specific target levels depend on your activity.

•    Clean eating

Clean eating was very popular this year, it involves eating more whole foods than packaged ones.