Drinks to Ease Your Sore Throat

The burning sensation and tickle in the throat often end up giving you a sore throat. Cold, flu and sore throat are always annoying and often leads to fever.  The reasons for a sore throat can be  flu, viral infection, smoke, allergies, dryness and pollutants  which causes difficulty in swallowing and sometimes tonsils as well. But now you don’t have to worry as  this condition can be easily treated with some natural remedies:

  • Turmeric milk

One cup of hot milk with half tablespoon turmeric helps in improving the sore throat. The anti-inflammatory properties decrease the swelling of the throat and relieve the pain.

  • Ginger tea

Source IndiaMART

Source IndiaMART

Ginger has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in easing throat pain. Just add ginger to your usual cup of tea. Some honey will make it more beneficial.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Source Herbal Teas Online

Source Herbal Teas Online

Drinking warm water with apple cider mixed in it can soothe a sore throat and clear congestion. It is a great way to ease the pain as well.

  • Herbal teas

Sipping herbal tea can decrease your problems and hydrate your body. Herbs that you can include in your tea are thyme, rosemary, chamomile, horehound, slippery elm, ginseng, marshmallow root, and elderflower.

  • Peppermint tea

Peppermint can quickly soothe a sore throat, also it relieves pain and scratchiness in the throat. To make this tea add peppermint leaves into boiling water for three minutes and then strain off the leaves. It will also replenish your body. Peppermint tea is caffeine-free and has a naturally sweet taste.

  • Honey water

Source Healthcare India

Source Healthcare India

It is one of the effective ways to treat a sore throat as honey consists of antibacterial and antiviral properties that have a soothing effect on the sore throat.