Foods that Trigger Inflammation in the Body Instantly

Inflammation is a very uncomfortable situation and can even get severe if not checked on time, but not always because sometimes it’s the body’s natural way of protecting itself. So now wondering what causes inflammation? Well it could even be few food items so read on to know about them

  • Sugar

Sugar makes things sweet but is it bad for your health and causes inflammation throughout your entire body. It does so by damaging the gut lining as it

is thin and can be damaged easily, allowing food particles to get into the bloodstream. Avoid sugar not only in your regular coffee or tea cup but also in the form of candies and jellies as well.

  • Dairy products

The reason why consuming dairy products can lead to inflammation is that the human body is not very good at digesting several proteins present in it and dairy products contain too much Lactose and casein. Dairy products can cause disruption and irritation to the cells of the gut. This irritation can allow allergens to leak through into the bloodstream and cause inflammatory symptoms.

  • Fried food

We all love munching French fries but they do no good for your health. AGE is the compound because of which fried food causes inflammation. The more AGEs your body has in it, the higher the inflammation rate will be.

  • Bread

White bread and pasta instantly cause inflammation in the body as they are prepared in a short time, causing improper fermentation. This improper fermentation further reduces the amount of gluten and starch in the bread making it hard for your digestive system to digest it.

  • Peanuts

The reasons why peanuts cause inflammation is because of the presence of molds. When they enter your body, your immune system responds to them and results in inflammation.

  • Excessive alcohol

The high content of sugar in alcohol is the main reason that it causes inflammation in the body. Regular or high consumption of alcohol for a longer time results in the inflammation of the liver. If not given proper attention, this inflammation can cause tumors.